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BWS teams up with NanoTune to create faster, slicker boards

 BWS surfboards will incorporate NanoTune’s Board Tuning Technology to improve the performance and speed of their signature range. NanoTune uses super-hydrophobic molecules to repel water and increase surface tension, lowering the board’s friction and reducing drag. By increasing speed and manoeuvrability, you can get the most out of every session fine tune your skills.

” We are very excited to be involved with the calibre of athlete Ben Wilson represents in the sport of Kite Surfing. We pride ourselves in only partnering with top companies and athletes in their respective sports – BWS and Ben tick all the boxes. Having our NanoTune speed coating system applied at the factory level has proven a huge benefit to the user and we are very pleased to bring this technology to BWS and its full range of products.” Dave Tarantini, NanoTune

“Speed is everything and each session seems better since I’ve been using NanoTune on my boards over the past 6 months. I’m definitely stoked to be partnering with NanoTune and using their products on all my boards and our BWS production boards.” Ben Wilson

BWS factory Tuned boards will be available online and through selected retailers from May 1st. NanoTune kits are also available at BWSurf.com so you can upgrade and re-tune your current board. Just follow the simple steps and coat the bottom, rails and fins on your board every 2-3 months. Continue your search for perfection at BWSurf.com or nanotunenow.com.

Ben Wilson Drifter Surfboard Ben Wilson Rawson Surfboard

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FIREWIRE partners with NANOTUNE “Board Tuning Technology”

Technical Overview: NanoTune is revolutionising the surf industry by adding scientifically engineered, cutting edge nanotechnology to the board manufacturing process. NanoTune creates a super-­‐hydrophobic barrier by forming a chemical bond with the rails and bottom deck of a surfboard, lowering the surface energy of the material, which in turn increases the surface tension. The combined effect is to create a clear coating that lessens drag, which leads to increased speed and manoeuvrability.

After being treated with NanoTune, tiny water droplets simply bead on the surface instead of grouping together. Surfaces that are not treated with NanoTune will allow water to spread over the surface rather than beading up, creating greater friction.

FIREWIRE factory NanoTuned boards will arrive at retail over the next few months, featuring the NanoTune retail sticker prominently displayed on the deck of the tuned board explaining the benefits and properties of the product (see below). And FIREWIRE is not charging more for this added technology.

The super‐hydrophobic NanoTune properties remain effective for approximately 2‐3 months depending on usage, and the product can be reapplied in minutes in a simple 2‐step application process.

Over the course of   the next few months NanoTune will make Re‐Tuning Kits available at retail so that surfers who would like to keep their boards NanoTuned will be able to do so themselves.

In addition NanoTune has secured the endorsements of a number of top 10 WCT Surfers including Taj Burrow. In due course, NanoTune will be releasing further details on their marketing and sponsorship initiatives.

FIREWIRE has taken another leadership position through our early adoption of NanoTune coatings on our surfboards, which is in keeping with our commitment to increased innovation within our industry:

“FIREWIRE believes that refinements […]

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    NANOTUNE at the Hurley HPC NANOTUNE at the Hurley HPC

    NANOTUNE at the Hurley HPC

NANOTUNE at the Hurley HPC

NanoTune partners with Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 July, 2012 : – – Casuarina, New South Wales — Surfboard tuning technology company NanoTune will be at the forefront of surf training and innovation by backing the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre (HPC). Funded by the Federal Government, the $4 million HPC at Casuarina in northern NSW is the world’s first facility dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches. The cutting edge facility was opened on June 15 and will ensure Australia maintains its place as a world leader in the sport.

The two-level centre of excellence boasts state of the art education facilities, equipment and accommodation and will be at the forefront of sports science and coaching development for surfing.

NanoTune is revolutionising the surf industry with its super slick hydrophobic (water repellent) surfboard coating system that cures to your board and fins. Scientifically engineered using NanoTechnology, the clear coating system is designed to dramatically lessen drag and increase speed and manoeuvrability in the water. Leading industry figures Taj Burrow and Jamie Mitchell are ambassadors for the company.

“Having NanoTune available to all the athletes at the Hurley High Performance Centre is a big plus for us in getting our technology out to the end user. Much like the HPC, we see our board tuning technology playing a significant roll in helping build future world champions,” said NanoTune Director Dave Tarantini.

As part of the support, a NanoTuning Centre will be permanently available for patrons to utilise at the HPC along with DIY NanoTuning Kits plus NanoSpeed Wipes. NanoTune will also set up a trading booth at Surfing Australia’s Green Room Conference in February, 2013.

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