Developed with cutting edge nanotechnology, NanoTune creates a chemical bond with the surface of your surfboard, fins or other types of watercraft. Cross linking then takes place to modify the surface properties of the substrate. During the curing process a reaction occurs. Once the curing is complete, the molecules of the coating are chemically inert. NanoTune lowers the surface energy of the substrate which, in turn, increases the surface tension. In the water-sports market the coating creates a lessening of drag through the water which can lead to increased speed and maneuverability.

The NanoTune coating is resistant to UV degradation and as there is no film formed, no coating breakdown will occur. It is highly durable and testing has shown that NanoTune is resistant to salt water and common solvents. The coating repels water, resulting in an increase of the surface tension, so that water has less of a foothold. Water droplets simply bead on the surface instead of grouping together. Surfaces that are not treated with NanoTune will allow the water to spread on the surface, rather than beading up, creating greater friction. Water has a high value of surface tension because it has a high degree of hydrogen bonding.