Nanotune DIY Board Tuning Kit

Getting a fresh board from the glasser feels like Christmas every time, but the hardest part is waiting for the resin to cure fully (supposed to wait at least a week). The Nanotune board tuning kit will get your board all sealed up and durable for the most trying of conditions. So don’t wait like the rest of the pack, get out there and take advantage of this scientifically engineered surf technology.

• Super slick hydrophobic (water repellent) coating that cures to your board to dramatically increase the performance of your board
• Longer and smoother glide across the water surface
• Less board stick when launching airs and providing more forgiveness on landings
• Extra barrier of UV protection
• Increased speed and greater thrust during manoeuvres
• Consists of two fast and easy steps
• Tunes up to 10 boards
• Makes your older board feel like new again

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