NanoTune partners with Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 July, 2012 : – – Casuarina, New South Wales — Surfboard tuning technology company NanoTune will be at the forefront of surf training and innovation by backing the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre (HPC). Funded by the Federal Government, the $4 million HPC at Casuarina in northern NSW is the world’s first facility dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches. The cutting edge facility was opened on June 15 and will ensure Australia maintains its place as a world leader in the sport.

The two-level centre of excellence boasts state of the art education facilities, equipment and accommodation and will be at the forefront of sports science and coaching development for surfing.

NanoTune is revolutionising the surf industry with its super slick hydrophobic (water repellent) surfboard coating system that cures to your board and fins. Scientifically engineered using NanoTechnology, the clear coating system is designed to dramatically lessen drag and increase speed and manoeuvrability in the water. Leading industry figures Taj Burrow and Jamie Mitchell are ambassadors for the company.

“Having NanoTune available to all the athletes at the Hurley High Performance Centre is a big plus for us in getting our technology out to the end user. Much like the HPC, we see our board tuning technology playing a significant roll in helping build future world champions,” said NanoTune Director Dave Tarantini.

As part of the support, a NanoTuning Centre will be permanently available for patrons to utilise at the HPC along with DIY NanoTuning Kits plus NanoSpeed Wipes. NanoTune will also set up a trading booth at Surfing Australia’s Green Room Conference in February, 2013.